Elevate Your Human Experience

BIO-HACK into KETOSIS to operate at its optimum level for BETTER:

+ Increased Energy &

+ Mental Focus

+ Reduced Brain Fog

+ Better Sleep

+ Better Mood

+ Better Skin

+ Increased Fat Burn 

+ Muscle Preservation

Keto Qween // Kristina Figurazh

Kristina Figurazh

Independent Prüvit Promoter

Kristina discovered ketones February of last year when she was advised to look into the Keto diet to lean out and shed the 20 pounds she put on due to depression and anxiety she was experiencing at the time.  She quickly realized that pure therapeutic exogenous ketones did more than burn fat - they gave her a new lease on life, a fresh perspective. From clean lasting energy, mental clarity and focus to a better mood and an overall elevated human experience, she was able to step into the person she has been dying to meet.  Through her love of the products and sharing them with friends and family -- Keto Qween was born!