BIO-HACK into KETOSIS to operate at its optimum level for BETTER:

+ Increased Energy 

+ Mental Focus

- Reduced Brain Fog

+ Better Sleep

+ Better Mood

+ Better Skin

+ Increased Fat Burn 

+ Muscle Preservation

+Better Digestion

Keto Qween // Kristina Figurazh

Kristina Figurazh

Independent Prüvit Promoter

When I discovered the Keto lifestyle, I immediately counted myself out because I couldn’t see a life without carbs!  Enter drinkable KETONES that put your body into a therapeutic state of ketosis in under 59 minutes.  I felt like I got myself back in just the first month, defluffing and losing those last 20 stubborn pounds.

Regaining my momentum, energy, mental focus and clarity and taking my life back and actually LIVING instead of existing. I will forever be grateful to this technology and will continue to share this #better with everyone I meet.

You too, just as much as everyone else, deserve to feel your absolute best while you're here having your human experience.

Let's level up, boo!